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As an affiliate partner, your success is our success. We've put together this guide with everything you need to make that happen.

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Create a Fruitask account if you haven’t yet. Make sure you already submitted an application and verified by our team.

Check Your Wallet

We will send you a project invitation, which will serve as your wallet. Watch your commission grow, track the successfully used coupons, and keep earning! Your account manager is one chat away in the chat features. Make sure to mention us by using @ just like this @fruitask, if you need help.

Read Terms & Conditions Agreement

Make sure you have read or downloaded our terms and agreement!. Download here.

Request Coupons

Promote your coupon code to increase your commission referrals. Users who avail of our services through your code will be able to enjoy discounts and access more features.

Promotions Bundles

We will be providing logos and other assets to help you promote Fruitask. If you wish to request a specific asset, feel free to message us!. Download it here.

Start Promoting

Start a promotion and earn like crazy. Kickstart your affiliate journey with Fruitask so you can build a long-term, sustainable additional income for yourself.

Questions as Partners

Can I rename an old coupon.

Absolutely! You may request a new coupon name and personalize it however you want.

How to withdraw my earnings?

Once you reach the threshold of USD 50, we will transfer the total amount earned from your account to any payment method of your choice. The payout date is every 25th of the month. If you have concerns regarding your payment method, we are a message away.

What if I’m inactive in the program?

Every month, we check the activity in your account and visit your platforms. This is to make sure we are up to date with you if you need any help with anything. If we see that you have been inactive for six to twelve (6–12) months, we will temporarily disable your account.

How long will I have to promote Fruitask?

Fruitask offers you an unlimited earning opportunity. Promote Fruitask as long as you want to!. No end contract.

How many times they can use my coupons?

No limit, It can be use multiple times and give a chance you let you earn more.

Can I have a coupon that has a limit?

Sure! That’s actually a good marketing strategy. If you wish to do so, feel free to chat with your account manager on your wallet about this matter.

Can I cancel my account if I not longer need it?

Certainly! You are free to cancel your account anytime. And if you wish to come back, we are always here to help you apply for the program once more.

Can I ask a human virtual assistant to help me?

Yes! Our question section lets you talk to someone from our team. Visit us there and we’ll help you out with the implementation of the program.

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