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It's a light data management space for your team or personal projects. Accomplish your fruitasks with our built-in apps and harvest your success.


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Manage your project in a clutter-free space and focus on achieving your goals. Tab your tasks, check progress without worrying the cost!

How it works

List down all your personal or team task.


Create your workplace

In just (1) one click .. You can now start having your first project. You can import ready data or a pre-made templates too.


Start typing your task

Enter all of your tasks for your personal, business or team projects.


Select data types

Enjoy all free data types that match your task needs. Just simple as that,organize professionally and update whenever your done.


Invite your team or friends

Start collaborating with your team members in your workplace, you can set roles,chat and do more.

All data types for FREE.

Create a simple yet collaborative space for all your team. Tracking, sharing, measuring -no big deal. All are easy to do and pear🍐-fect to use.

  • Text
  • Drawing
  • Collaborators
  • Rich HTML
  • Link
  • Droplist
  • Attachment
  • Checkbox
  • Colors
  • Date/Calendar
  • Math-Equation
  • 10+ more inside

Connect,save,link with your team

Connect,save,link with your team

You can easily leave a message to everyone,assign task or save something else.

Use Fruitask with your team

Install apps with just one-click

You can use forms,viewer,pages and more 🍍..

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Protect data with hash encryption

We use end-to-end encryption. Get in high speed pursuit of safety for your data. πŸ‘Ύ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fruitask free?

Believe it or not, it's totally free! With our free plan, you can do many fruitful things - unlimited collaborations, unlimited data types, and more!

Which Fruitask plan is best for me?

Create a free-task account and see for yourself the different features of Fruitask and make an informed decision. No credit card is required! If you need help choosing the right plan for you, refer to the pricing tiers here.

How many team members can we invite?

Great news! πŸ˜„ It's unlimited and free! Whether you're a group of ten or a hundred, you can invite as many people as you want.

We've got more coming...

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